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Utah County Jail (Utah)

URL: http://www.utah-county-jail.com

Search Volume

Our search engine prediction tools estimate about 1K monthly searches for "Utah County Jail." Our site also ranks on various keywords related to the Utah County Jail.

This website receives most of its traffic from people who may be attending the Utah County Jail and family/friends of inmates. This makes it an ideal advertising opportunity for Payday Loans companies as these people are generally trying to come up with money to pay a bail bond.

Website Traffic

Contact us for historic and current traffic levels.

Advertising Opportunities

Utah-County-Jail.com is a great venue for criminal defense attorneys and bail bonds advertisers. Other potential advertising segments include drug rehab clinics, civil attorneys, payday loans and more.

Premium Sponsorship

Premium sponsors receive run-of-site banner ads, meaning the ads will show on every page of the site. We are selling three ad units - one below the navigation bar and above the content on each page and two on the left side-bar.

Advertisers have the choice of linking banners directly to their website or having a dedicated page on the website describing their product/services, pricing, contact info, etc. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Directory Inclusion

We currently offer a directory of attorneys and bail bonds companies for Utah County. Contact us for pricing.