Jail Media

About Us

Jail Media exists to create a network of sites to inform people on what to expect from their or their loved one's experience in a given jail. We spend hours gathering data from ex-inmates so we can give our viewers an accurate look at what they can expect from their experience.

This information is then laid out in a very user-friendly "virtual walkthrough" of jail, from pre-sentencing to the social atmosphere, daily wardrobe, and rules for getting time off for good behavior.

Jail Media's goal is to provide information to people who may not know anyone who has been to jail themselves. It is also meant to be a supplemental source of information for individuals who cannot afford expensive professional counseling before incarceration. Basically, we try to answer the questions:

* What is my loved one going through in jail?
* What can I expect from jail?
* What things should I do or avoid doing while in jail?

We are an extremely focused, niche media company - as a result we offer unique advertising opportunities for both local and national advertisers interested in this demographic. See our list of Properties to learn more about our current available inventory.